Top 5 Reasons to visit Alaska 

This is the post excerpt.


From the time I was born in the town of Soldotna, AK I knew that Alaska was my home. Here are my top 5 reasons for staying in this great state. 

  1. Beautiful Scenery 

   Alaska has one of the most beautiful landscapes the picture below is of King Mountain and is located just outside of the little town of Glennallen. This is just one of many of the beautiful sights that Alaska has to offer! 

     2. Aurora Borealis 

With its vibrant colors and dazzleing movements the Aurora Borealis, also commonly referred to as “The Northern Lights” is a must see for any Alaska visitors! I still find myself running out into the snow at 3am just to catch a glimpse of this amazing show! 

       3. Wildlife! 

Pictures above is a bear named Happy! Access to wildlife is one amazing aspect of Alaska! I spent one month working at a remote Bear viewing camp. We were located in Hallo Bay and this is one of the regular bears they see during the summer season. Among bears you are also likely to see moose and even wolves out in this area! 

     4. Fishing 

Fishing is a very important industry for Alaskans, many locals get all their fish for the year during fishing season. Between dipnetting, fly fishing, or angling, if you love to fish, Alaska is the place for you! 

       5. Dog Mushing 

Last but certainly not least, we have Dog Mushing! I grew up with a dog team and would highly recommend any visitor to participate in this activity! It may be cold but it is more than worth it! Many mushers have dog team rides available in the off season if you want to try this incredible activity! 

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